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Bronislav, a private detective

In 2022, Chin Tai, a police officer, formed New Epoch, a Mental Health Care startup, after being inspired by dreams about faith. New Epoch is officially led by a puppet President but real power rests in the hands of the Board of Directors.

The company entered a era of prosperity due to its elite military training. However, the corporate leadership is too hidebound to tradition. New Epoch started targeting the wealthy elite by selling luxury products.

In 2027, Psychobank declared bankruptcy. Both The Unguided and New Epoch claimed control over their assets, leading to a gang war between the two sides that threaten to spiral out of control. To save the company from extinction, New Epoch established a joint venture with Goldmund-Teller and agreed to share any revenue made by this project.

Bronislav predicts that the corporation will declare bankruptcy in 2031 and its assets would be be a ‘hot spot’ for future conflict between the corporations.